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Wedding Saga ~ Sumit and Amisha

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Akash and Savneet ~juste apr├Ęs leur mariage

“Ok.. so this may sound like a classic ‘boy met girl, fell in love & lived happily ever after’ fairy-tale, but it is far from this!! Instead, this is a story where a boy and girl became friends.. really good friends.. just as two guys or two girls would be, and shared some beautiful and “fun-filled” moments (read 6 years of friendship + numerous fights (yes, fist-fights!) + countless pranks + lovely surprises + a few emotional moments + the dramatics of an inter-religion marriage + and much more..) they finally tied the knot!

Savneet and Akash first met in April 2005, when Savneet was preparing for her entrance examination of CBS, a college that Akash had just graduated from! They parted ways after their first interaction, only to bump into each other a few weeks later. By the second meeting, Akash’s eyesight had improved, and he approached Savneet. What followed is a story for another time, but after being closest buddies for almost 6 eventful years, they realized they were cheating each other by not expressing their love! In February 2011, they broke the news to their respective families.. ensuing an year-long struggle to their wedding on 23rd February 2012!”

~ Akash and Savneet


Akash and Savneet

Akash and Savneet

Akash and Savneet

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